What My Friend Has Taught Me

Best Friends

I have a friend.

My friend is one of the most inspiring people I know.

But my friend is the only person I know that regularly tells me how bad of a person he is.

He’s not afraid to tell me about the ugliest parts of his life, even the parts that should make people uncomfortable.

And every time he tells me about the ugly parts of his life, I love him so much more.

Because every time he tells me about himself, I’m convinced I know the real him. I’m not interacting with an inspiring facade. I’m interacting with him.

More importantly, my inspiring friend is giving me permission to be weak, too.

So I don’t have to be perfect to be inspiring. I can just be me, in the place the Lord has me, imperfections and all.

And the imperfect, transparent me can inspire others. Transparency begets transparency, it seems, in this transforming walk we are on.

So, to my weak but inspiring friend, thanks. You have no idea how much it means, in this world of super men, to have a friend who shows you what its like to live with Kryptonite.

You’ve shown that men can be super and still weak. Inspiring, yet with blemishes. Pursue truth and be truthful.

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” – Jesus (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Photo Credit: Best Friends by George Koruth


About traviskolder

Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

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