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The Handyman Club of America

So tonight I was opening my mail while I was sitting in my living room with my wife and a friend.  This is not a typical practice for me, but a particular letter caught my eye.  It was a direct mail piece sent to me specificly from the Handyman Club of America.  Now, subsequent internet searches have told me this really isn’t worth my time, but I was curious so I read a few paragraphs out loud.  It seemed pretty legit until I ready the following:

“It’s my pleasure to inform you that YOU HAVE BEEN NOMINATED TO BECOME AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF THE CLUB…Why you?  Well it’s no secret among your friends and family that you are an oustanding handyman.”

Now my questions is this: Should I be more offended that this was a lie (no one really nominated me) or that those in the living room with me laughed in a significant way when I read this statement out loud?  You be the judge.


How You Know You’ve Been Part of a House Church For A While…

We’ve just crossed over the two-year mark with our house church here in Eastern Iowa.  Ariel, our daughter was born just a few months before we started meeting together as a church and has grown up largely outside of what is conventianlly understood as a “church.”   So how do we know we’ve been in a house church for a while?

The other day my wife was driving through a part of our neighborhood we don’t normally drive by with our kids in the backseat.  She passed by a traditional church building with a tall white steeple that looks like it was built in the 30’s or 40’s.  My daughter, who is obsessed with everything related to princesses, shouts out, “Look, mommy, CASTLE!”