When Podcasts Collide: Competition, Blue Oceans, and Church Planting

Brian Sanders JD Payne

It’s not often that I hear two excellent podcasts about the missional task in front of the church in America.  It’s even rarer when I hear two podcasts back to back that build off of one another.

Case in point: Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to a podcast by Brian Sanders of the Undergound Network.  This podcast is a presentation he gave that touched on the church’s tendency to compete with itself and fight over believers because it cannot imagine other mission fields and other expressions of Christianity that won’t compete with another church.  If you are a church leader, I highly recommend you listen to this podcast at least once if not twice. It will challenge your motives. You can listen here.

Next up after Brian’s podcast was the Start Strong podcast by Patrick Fore. This podcast featured JD Payne, a missiologist and paster at the Church at Brook Hills.  JD has thought a lot about the apostolic mission of the church and about half way through the podcast he begins to describe the new mission field opportunities that are a kind of answer to the questions Brian asked in his presentation. My favorite part so far is where he says the church planters he sends out, he is encouraging a 95 to 100 percent conversion rate. This is a critical podcast if to catch if you’ve thought about church planting. You can listen here.

Remember, I always recommend things with certain caveats.

About traviskolder

Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

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