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The WayBack Machine: July

Some things just get better with age. “The Wayback Machine” posts occur at the end of every month and reference the best posts of that month in years past. My hope is to provide a good jumping on point for readers whTho have never been to Pursuing Glory.



This is my first attempt at poetry here at the blog.  I wrote this both as an introduction to who Jesus is for people who don’t know Him.  I was also trying to find ways to explore the artistic side of my writing.  I hope you enjoy it. ***If you’ve never encountered Jesus or don’t have a relationship with Him, this should be the post you read.***

My Daughter: The Newest Fiery Believer I Know

Earlier in the year Ariel accepted Christ and was baptized.  There was an immediate turn in her heart and attitudes.  It was fun to watch and these are my thoughts from shortly after the event.

False Prophets, Acts Chapter 2, and Our House Church

I wrote this post in December of 2009, but only got around to posting it July of last year.  In my mind this post captures the best of where we were as an organic spiritual family in 2009 and 2010.  If you’re wondering what sometimes happens when our house church gathers, this is the post for you.

The Supernatural Church

Much of the church in the Western world is devoid of supernatural power.  I wrote this post as I was reading through Visions Beyond the Veil by R.A. Baker.  The book has some important insights into our anti-supernatural leanings as a Western Church and I shared some quotes as well as my own thoughts.


I’m Back

This was my first post after coming back from my trip to Ethiopia.  If you want a good picture into the heart of a guy who just returned from Africa, this is the post to read. It will be interesting to see what the Lord continues to do with us in Ethiopia in the next year.


Tune Up

I wrote this post about an encounter I had with one of my 50,000 coaches, Dick Speight.  Dick helped me see that I was off in my walk with the Lord because I was lacking time in the secret place.  I wrote this post as I wrestled with the fact that I should know better than to let communion with the Lord slide.

Just A Thought…

This post was born out of a trip I took to meet with others who practice meeting as organic churches in Iowa.  It centers around the idea that we are quick to believe others have imposed religion on us, but frequently something far more subtle is at work.  If you’ve ever struggled with a “religious spirit” you’ll want to read this post.


Using This Blog as a Resource

This blog is me wrestling with whether this blog will be a personal blog (which it started out as) or whether it will be a resource blog about house churches, apostolic Christianity, and revival.  I think I’ve settled on it being both, mostly because I’m both and I think about these things a lot.  But this gives you a good snapshot into some of my early thoughts on the subject.

“Tell a Little Story…Do a Little Miracle…”

This post represents some of our early thoughts about evangelism that we had as a house church.  I still believe these are things we’re called both to see and do, and that stories and miracles have a much bigger part in the spread of the Gospel than most of the Western Church understands.


On Being Me and Where I See Me in Movies

This was my very first post on my blog.  I started this blog as a journey into self expression and finding God in the midst of the things I love.  I write about some bloggers that were stunningly honest about their lives in their blogs and some movies where I saw myself in some of the characters.  Social media has given me a few more outlets to do the every day life sort of posts, but I hope to never loose the honesty and simplicity this post captures.

50,000 Coaches

One of the movies that I saw back then was Akeelah and the Bee.  I’ll spare you the synopsis, but a turning point in the movie talked about how Akeelah has 50,000 coaches.  I was struck by the fact that many of us neglect the 50,000 coaches God has given us in our lives.  This is a phrase I keep coming back to over and over again.

How To Get the Most Out of Pursuing Glory

There are lots of ways to get more out of Pursuing Glory than just stopping back to check for new content every few days.  Here are some of the main ways you can join the conversation, learn, and contribute to the conversation we’re having:

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Notes From The Margins

On a somewhat irregular basis I post a blog in my “Notes from the Margin” series.  The point of the series is not just what I’m finding in Scripture and what I write, but also what you’re finding in Scripture and what you’re writing about it.  If you have a blog, I’d love to see you take this series and do your own.  You can check out the guidelines for Notes from the Margins and read examples of the series here and here.

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The Wayback Machine: August

Just because a post isn’t on the front page doesn’t mean it’s not important.  The “Wayback Machine” posts occur at the end of every month and reference the best posts of that month in years past.  My hope is to provide a good jumping on point for readers who have never been to Pursuing Glory.


Joel’s Birthday and the Outpouring of the Spirit

My son’s birth was a prophetic sign to us about the outpouring of the Spirit at the end of the age.  On my son’s one-year birthday I reflect on the significance of this promise in Scripture.

Stuff I’m Reading….Err…Listening To

I love to review books that I’ve read in order to point people to good material.  This is my review of Francis Chan’s groundbreaking book, Crazy Love.


The Baby Has Arrived

Appropriately, this is the blog announcement of the birth of Joel.  No prophetic significance mentioned here, just some insight into my thinking at the time of his birth.


Touched By An Angel

This post describes an encounter I had at the Midwest Prayer Center shortly before we began our house church.  A number of things happened during this month that were signs the Lord was leading us to start a house church.  This was foremost among them.

A Random Meeting with a House Church Planter and Another of My 50,000 Coaches

This post describes a sit-down I had with a house church planter in our area shortly before we started our house church.  What I love about this post, though, is the fleshing out of the 50,000 Coaches philosophy.  If you want to understand 50,000 coaches or you want to hear about some initial encouragement I received about viral house churches, check out this post.

Striving To Enter His Rest

This is probably the most convicting post of my own that I’ve read in some time.  It deals with the need to make God’s rest our priority, especially in the lives of leaders.

Photo Credit: Dr Who by Aussiegal

My Daughter: The Newest Fiery Believer I Know

[Editor’s Note: This post was written in April.]

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my house after a hard day at work and was greeted by my daughter who excitedly announced to me, “Daddy, I prayed the prayer with mommy.”  I looked at my wife who excitedly nodded her head.  At this point I knew that something different had happened.  It wasn’t unusual for my daughter to pray with my wife.  This time they hadn’t just prayed, my daughter had actually prayed with Christy to receive Jesus!

I’ll leave the story of how she received Christ for her to tell someday.  What caught me off guard though was the change that happened in her life.  I had always thought that accepting Christ when you were small was something that had to be repeated time after time throughout your life in order to be real and supernatural.  But right from my very first encounter with her after her salvation, she has been different.  She’s full of more joy than she was before she accepted Christ.  I’m not sure how that is even possible, because she’s just a toddler!  But it’s really happened and others have commented on it as well. And she’s way more interested in things of the Kingdom than she used to be.

Yesterday, I got a call from my wife while I was at work.  She had just finished spending twenty minutes worshipping and interceding with my daughter for all of her friends, an upcoming missions trip, and the people of Ethiopia.  When I got home, we spent another twenty minutes doing the same thing as a family…and here’s the great part—she is pushing us!  She’s the one who wants to do it!

Not content to raise a daughter who doesn’t see the Bible acted out before her eyes, we began talking to her about the concept of baptism.  Youtube made the whole discussion a ton easier, because I think seeing kids being baptized took a lot of the fear and unknown out of the equation.  After watching a few videos, my daughter has decided to follow Jesus in baptism, so she will be our house church’s first baptism this Sunday.  We’ll celebrate with a little cake commemorating the day.

All of this is to say, Jesus is moving in my daughter’s life.  I’m so excited.  It’s been the chief goal of my life that I would lead my children in the Way of Christ and I’m starting to see it really manifest.  And while we’re discipling her, she is also discipling us.  Her zeal is pushing us not to be so old and unwilling in following Jesus and pursuing His presence.  If you know us…pray for us.  Pray that we would steward this new disciple well and learn from her.  She will be a general in the Lord’s army one day.

[Sweetie, if you ever read this one day, know that this has been the happiest you have ever made me.  You are your daddy’s pride and joy.  I love you.]

How You Know You’ve Been Part of a House Church For A While…

We’ve just crossed over the two-year mark with our house church here in Eastern Iowa.  Ariel, our daughter was born just a few months before we started meeting together as a church and has grown up largely outside of what is conventianlly understood as a “church.”   So how do we know we’ve been in a house church for a while?

The other day my wife was driving through a part of our neighborhood we don’t normally drive by with our kids in the backseat.  She passed by a traditional church building with a tall white steeple that looks like it was built in the 30’s or 40’s.  My daughter, who is obsessed with everything related to princesses, shouts out, “Look, mommy, CASTLE!”

The Joys of Being A Dad

Just a quick note tonight.  I’ve been trying to teach Ariel how to join with us in the spiritual things that we do.  Christy lived with a woman named Ana who taught her four young girls that prayer, prophecy, and the supernatural were just part of every day Christianity and because of that her girls (including the four year old) would regularly participate with their mom in supernatural ministry. Getting my daughter in that same flow in prayer and worship remains a high priority for me.  However, with my not-quite-two year old, I’ve also been working at her not being distracting to others during the prayer meeting.

So, before we started worship and prayer, I said to her in front of everyone: “Ariel, we’re going to start praying.  We really want you to pray with us.  Do you want to pray?”  “Yeah!” was her reply.  If you’ve ever met my daugther, you’ll understand the excitement and joy that came with that one word.  But what came next was about two minutes of her jabbering on in her own little language while she imitated little hand motions and actions we sometimes use during prayer.  For the first time I knew she really connected with the idea of being part of what we were doing, even if she only understood it a little bit.  It was awesome.

Can I just say that there is no greater joy than to be a dad and see your daughter (or son) wanting to pursue God like you pursue God.  I’m not perfect (actually I’m far from it) but I’m paving a way for my daughter that was never paved for me.  I’ve said this before, but I have no idea what it looks like to grow up in a family truly centered on Christ, but I’m excited to see the kind of lives that my kids will lead when my race has been run.  I know this will be more painful and less cute in the future, but the fruit will definitely be worth it.  I love being a dad!