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Early Feedback for Stick Your Neck Out

Advertisement for "Stick Your Neck Out"

Stick Your Neck Out” has been live on Amazon for about a week. I’m so thankful to those of you who purchased a copy and have sent me encouraging notes and pictures over the last few days. It’s incredible to see this book out in the wild where it was meant to be.

One of the exciting things about the book being out in the wild is the feedback I’ve been getting from house church practitioners in the United States and Canada. Below are a couple of quick snippets I’ve seen so far:

“In a world where so many churches have shut their doors, people are craving for a church where they can worship and learn about God with a fellowship of other believers. This book can be the answer for that hunger for Christians to meet together. Travis reminds us that we are not just church members, but we are the church. We are called to gather together for worship, teaching, and reaching out to the lost. We might not think we can lead such a group, but with the Holy Spirit’s help all things are possible. This book is an encouragement and guide to do what God desires for the church in today’s world.” –DJ Washburn

“The problem with most books on simple, organic or house churches is that they are written by people who generally are pushing concepts without having made them work in their own lives, home towns or anywhere else.

Often, they also are hoping to use their books to promote themselves as “apostolic workers” or some such itinerant ‘somebodies’ who make a living off of invites to come help you do what, in fact, they haven’t successfully done themselves.

Those who fall under their influence inevitably end up failing, with great harm caused to the cause of Christ from the resulting discouragement and disillusionment.

In contrast, Travis is writing from the refreshing perspective of actually living out what he’s saying. Plus, it’s refreshing that he has a real job and not trying to promote himself for gain or fame.

As someone who also has helped start and sustain a number of similar churches in my own home county, I can attest to the ring of authenticity in this delightful, straightforward book for others willing to do the same.” –Jim Wright

“I just finished Travis Kolder’s book ‘Stick Your Neck Out: An invitation and Guide to House Church Planting.’ I wasn’t sure, at first, about reading another book on starting house churches. As I started reading this book it seemed it might be the same old stuff repeated. However, as I read further into the book I found myself transported into the stories of the New Testament.

Travis Kolder has done an amazing job of explaining the concept and practice of house churches. There are many good books on simple (organic, relational, house) churches but Travis has written his book to be very simple to understand. He has based it all on scripture as well as making the concept of house churches relevant to today. He was able to bring Jesus’ story to life and invite people to be involved.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to be involved in or start house churches.

‘The church I am describing is totally consumed with Jesus. They eat, sleep, and dream about him. He is more important than the building you meet in or what you say when you get together. The church that you are helping to start is held together by him alone. He brings the church together, you talk about him when you come together, and he is the life force empowering you when you meet and when you go out from your times together.’ Travis Kolder

‘I’m inviting you to take part in a house church planting movement that reaches the lost wherever you are. For this house church movement to truly spread, we need people with the character to sustain it. Skill and enthusiasm can start churches, but without character, these churches will quickly sputter and die.’ Travis Kolder” –Rob Ross

If you’ve had a chance to read “Stick Your Neck Out” and you have the time, would you give it a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads? It certainly helps to spread the word.

Q&A with Sean Hughley About “Stick Your Neck Out”

My buddy Sean Hughley joined me on Facebook Live to discuss my new book “Stick Your Neck Out.” If you’re interested in the book or our take on house churches, this is a good jumping on point.

It’s Finally Here!!!

Advertisement for "Stick Your Neck Out"

So, today is the big day. The book that you all have heard about for years and that I have been working on for even longer is finally available today! If you’re wanting a copy, you can pick it up here.

We’ve been encouraging everyone to pick up a copy today if possible, in order to help boost visibility on Amazon.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the book, my good friend Sean Hughley will be interviewing me tonight on Facebook live at 7:00 PM CST tonight. You can find my Facebook profile here.

So what is “Stick Your Neck Out”?

I’m glad you asked. The body of Christ has been going through an amazing change in the last two decades. One of those changes I see is that the church is becoming simpler, more relational with Jesus, and more relational with each other. Instead of being caught up in the every day busy-ness of running a 501(c)3, keeping an organization going, and keeping a building open, more Christians are opting to meet in small groups outside of the church building and outside of the “traditional church.” These churches are more like small, spiritual families, full of people who want to obey the commands of Jesus and be a part of a community of faith that is simple and hands on. We have traditionally called these gatherings “house churches.”

But aren’t there a lot of books on house churches?

Yes, there are. Books like Organic Church, Houses that Change the World, and Letters to the Church have done an amazing job at describing these changes taking place. “Stick Your Neck Out” does two things a little differently:

1) Stick Your Neck Out is about activating the body of Christ to do the things they’ve read about in books like these. In so many circles, I meet people who are stirred by the ideas of house churches, but they are waiting for someone to start one so that they can join. But friends, it’s time to stop putting off the things God has put in our hearts. House churches aren’t hard to start but they do require you to take a risk. Maybe no one will show up. Maybe lots of people will show up and that will bring with it its own set of difficulties. Regardless, “Stick Your Neck Out!” So, while you won’t need to have read all those other books (I’ll catch you up), this book is a call to do something with all those thoughts about house churches.

2) Stick Your Neck Out is short. Most of those books are 150-200+ pages. While this length provides tremendous depth, it doesn’t help someone feel like house churches are easy to start. My goal in writing was to keep the book short and simple so that anyone picking it up would have a hard time being intimidated by it. If house churches are as simple as we tell people, we shouldn’t need a tome in order to start one, just a few quick pointers. I’ve been in so many conversations with people who have wanted to start house churches where I wanted to leave them something to encourage them and point them in the right direction. “Stick Out Your Neck” is that.

If you’re a house church person, grab yourself a copy. You might learn a thing or two. But more realistically there will be a brother or sister that God will give you to pass it on to so it can encourage them in their journey.

If you’re not part of a house church right now, that’s okay. Maybe you will be! And definitely, if you’ve longed for a chance to be a part of a house church, but one hasn’t popped up around you, pick this book up. It will help.

Lastly, if you’ve read this far, could you help me out and share this article or the link to the book on Amazon today? It would really help.