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Never forget that when I recommend another resource, whether it’s a book, podcast, blog, or something else, that I’m not necessarily endorsing everything in that resource.  I believe that we can learn from people we disagree with, even people we strongly disagree with.

I believe when it comes to resources that I recommend, that you can “eat the chicken, but spit out the bones.” That means you can take from any resource the things that are helpful even if they occur alongside of something that may not be helpful.  This requires you and I to be discerning and wise.

God calls us, like Jeremiah, to separate the precious things from the vile ones. Only the Bible is inspired and only Jesus was perfect, so take every recommendation I make with a grain of salt and if you have a specific concern about something I reference, please email me at

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The Didache – A Podcast Series by Keith Giles


Long time readers will know that though I talk about house churches, church planting, and revival a lot, the passion of my heart is seeing Jesus raise up apostolic Christianity in the Earth. And while Jesus continually raises up movements that have bits and pieces of apostolic Christianity in them, there are fewer true examples of apostolic Christianity than the first century church.

That’s why I was thrilled when Keith Giles produced a 9 part podcast on the Didache, a first century discipleship handbook created from the teachings of the original apostles. In case you didn’t know, the Didache is widely acknowledged to pre-date all of our New Testament books but wasn’t included in the New Testament. It gives a glimpse into the early lifestyle of the church and how they trained new disciples. While I wouldn’t call the Didache “inspired,” it definitely gives us good context to understand what the apostolic church looked like as it emerged in the first century.

Keith does a great job of walking through the different chapters of the Didache and as a result, he’s produced a valuable resource for the church. If you’re interested at all in what the church returning to her apostolic roots might look like, I would highly encourage you to check out this series. I’ve listed the various episodes below.

Also, several times throughout the podcast, Keith encourages you to go out on the internet and find a copy. Just for ease, you can read the whole Didache here or you can buy a copy here.

Thanks, Keith, for this great resource!

The Didache – Part One: What is It?

The Didache – Part Two: Structure/Teaching

The Didache – Part Three: Chapter 1 wrap-up & Chapter 2

The Didache – Part Four: Chapter 3

The Didache – Part Five: Chapter 4

The Didache – Part Six: “The Way of Death”

The Didache – Part Seven: Chapters 8-10

The Didache – Part Eight: Teacher and Prophet

The Didache – Part Nine: Watch Your Life

Photo Credit: The Didache: Faith, Hope, and Life of the Earliest Christian Communities by Aaron Milavec

Guest Posting: Spirit-led Gatherings

Dave over at Searching God’s Heart asked me to guest post about the topic of Spirit-led Meetings.  Have you been part of a Spirit-Led Gathering?  How do you know? So many people have different ideas about what a Spirit-led gathering is that it’s hard to know.  Here’s a paragraph from the post:

Joy floods the room as everyone begins to glorify God.  Several brothers surround the man and begin to pray for him.  Plans are made for a baptism the next day, which interferes very little with everyone’s plans because most had planned to assemble together the next day anyways.  The gathering goes late into the night as others share about the greatness of Christ, the worth of following Him despite the cost, and the imminence of His return. You leave late into the evening encouraged by the supernatural work that has obviously taken place.

I’d like to encourage you to jump over to Searching God’s Heart and read the rest of the post.  This is the first in a series of three posts.  Join Dave, his readers, and myself as we discuss the importance of churches being corporately led by the Holy Spirit.

UPDATE: You can see all three parts of this series.  I will update the links as they come out:

Part One: Have You Met With Christians Like This? Part Two: What is a Spirit-Led Gathering? Part Three: A Case Study

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Pursuing Glory: Facebook Edition

Really quickly I wanted to bring you up to date about a new direction on the blog.

Today, I’m introducing the Pursuing Glory Facebook Group. You can join by clicking the link and liking the page.

Now you may ask yourself, “Why should I join the Facebook Group when I follow the blog?”

That’s a great question. Here’s my take. Blogs are for discussion and interaction around a certain topic. Facebook is designed to build already existing relationships a little bit deeper. My hope is that those of you who come to the blog and really believe in what God is doing in the Earth in this generation would get to know each other a little bit better. Call it an apostolic christianity “green room” if you will.

My other hope is that we can use it as a place to gather like-minded bloggers and possibly coordinate blogging topics. So if you, like me, love writing about the kind of Christianity that embraces the lifestyle of the apostolic church this will be a place to gather and encourage each other.

I’ll leave you with a quote that sums up the reason behind the Facebook Group:

“Turns out that tribes, not money, not factories, can change our world, can change politics, can align large numbers of people.” -Seth Godin.

Come and join the tribe.

Also: Don’t forget, Monday I will post my review of Ross Rohde’s tremendously helpful book, Viral Jesus. Stay tuned.

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Viral Jesus Winner

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in our giveaway for Viral Jesus. While I wanted to raise awareness for Ross’ book, I also hoped to generate some conversation about disciple-making movements and what it would take to see one started in the West.

While the participation in the contest wasn’t as large as I had hoped, I think the responses were great. This is a conversation that will be had over and over here in the West, particularly as Christianity becomes more and more marginalized in the United States.

So, in order of submission, here are the entrants in our Viral Jesus giveaway. Please visit the blogs and read them. They are both high quality posts that challenge where we are in order to release a viral Christianity in the West. Here are our entrants:

Viral Jesus Book Givewaway by Bryan Hamilton at Spiritual Slash

When Will We See Christian Growth by David Washburn at Searching God’s Heart

While it was hard for me to choose, our winner for the Viral Jesus giveaway is David Washburn. What I enjoyed about David’s post was how quickly he cut to the heart of the matter. If Viral Christianity is going to start in the West, it must start somewhere. The place it has to start is with us.

So, congratulations, David. Not only did you gain a great son-in-law (me), but you also have one a copy of Viral Jesus by Ross Rohde. We’ll send you out that copy shortly. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the giveaway both by submitting your thoughts and spreading the word.

Stay tuned. Friday I’m going to debut the new Pursuing Glory Facebook group. Next Monday I’m going to review Viral Jesus here on the blog. You won’t want to miss it.

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Viral Jesus Give-Away

I’m incredibly excited to be reading Viral Jesus by Ross Rohde.  For those of you who don’t know Ross, he has been blogging for almost two years about initiating Jesus movements similar to what God has done in the New Testament and in China.  He’s also an organic church planter who has experience starting multiple house churches in places that are resistant to the gospel.  Needless to say, he’s the kind of guy we like here at Pursuing Glory.

So to help get the word out about Ross’ book and promote some more discussion about spawning Jesus movements in the West, I’ve decided to give away a free copy of Viral Jesus here on the blog.  Now most blog giveaways I’ve seen require you to subscribe to an email list, follow someone on Twitter, or follow you on your Facebook group.  And while you’re welcome to get involved at a deeper level with what we’re doing here, we’re going to do this a bit differently.

In order to win “Viral Jesus” I want you to answer the question that Ross asks with his book: “What will it take to see a rapidly reproducing movement of Jesus followers take root in the West?” Anyone who writes an answer and posts it online for others to see will be entered into our give away.  You can post it on your blog, your Facebook Notes, your Tumblr account, or your Google+ account.  Really anywhere people can see it will be great.  Then email me, tweet me, message me on Facebook, or leave me a comment in comment field about how to find your response.  I will read the responses and publish the best response here on the blog on March 5th, 2012, along with the links to the other responses.  The winner will receive a free copy of “Viral Jesus.”

Basic Introductions-Index

In an ongoing effort to provide a jumping-on point for new readers, I’ve written a series of posts entitled “Basic Introductions.”  Each post gives my definition of a seldom explored realm of Christianity so that readers who are unfamiliar with some of the terms and concepts discussed here will have a quick reference point available to them. The following is the list of "Basic Introduction” posts here at Pursuing Glory.

Basic Introductions: The Bridal Paradigm

Ever heard people talk about Jesus as a Groom or the Church as His bride?  Ever wonder why people are so excited about the love of God?  This is the post for you.

Basic Introductions: The Song of Solomon

If you’ve ever heard people talk about Jesus and the Song of Solomon in the same sentence and not understood where they get Jesus in that book, this post is a great place to start.

Basic Introductions: Characters and Plot in the Song of Solomon

Once you understand the Song of Solomon a little better, you may want to dig a little deeper.  This is the post you want to check out next.

Basic Introductions: The End Times

If you’ve always thought that we really don’t need to know much about the End Times because we won’t be here during most of the scary stuff, you should probably read this post.