Notes From the Margins

From time to time, I like to start new features here in the blog.  You can check out my last new feature that I started, called “Blogs I Wish I Wrotehere.  Now, to be honest, I’ve only posted a “Blog I Wish I Wrote” one time….but I haven’t seen any blogs I’ve been jealous over lately…so I’m kind of limited here, okay?

esv-2Let me give you a little background on this new feature.  See, awhile ago I bought this great new ESV bible with giant, lined margins for note-takers like myself.  I’ve always wanted a bible that took the space most Bibles give to commentary and leaves it empty for you to write your own commentary.  The cynical side of me believes the market for a Bible like this has to be incredibly small.  Regardless, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Bible and am quickly filling up the pages.

esv1Anyways, it’s time for another new feature called “Notes From the Margins.”   My hope is to post here somewhat regularly something that I’ve discovered in my Bible reading and scrawled across the note-taking sides of my new Bible.  Now, like any good feature there are a few rules and guidelines.  I will list them here and refer back to them when I post:

  1. I will quote the passage of the scripture I am commenting on first before I give any thoughts on the passage in question.  I do not do this for my benefit, but for yours.  Please take the time to read the passage before you read my thoughts.  I will not respond to anyone who has obviously not read the quote and just wants to argue based on opinions.
  2. These are the notes in my Bible, nothing more, nothing less.  Please test them against the Scripture quoted in the post.  See Rule #1.
  3. These are the notes in my Bible, not yours.  You should feel free to contradict what I say in my post in the comment section if you want, but at the end of the day, I may not erase my notes from my Bible or from this blog if I still disagree with you.
  4. Notes are notes.  What I mean by that is these are things that I scribble down as I am in the moment.  They are ideas that are not static or the mature fruit of study.  Often they will be ideas in seed form that the Lord will develop as we go.  Please allow me (and others) to change our minds on these verses as the Lord gives more light. See Note # 2.
  5. Participation is great.  I could keep these thoughts in the margins of my Bible, but no one would benefit from them.  Please comment on my thoughts, leave your own, and even feel free to post your own “Notes from the Margins” in the comment section or on your own blog.  If you decide to post your own notes on your own blog, let me know so I can link you in.

Okay, so those are the rules, kids.  Have fun.  Look for a “Notes from the Margins” post in your neighborhood soon!


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Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

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