Our God is Not Safe

Len Sweet

I’m finally getting around to reading Len Sweet’s book “So Beautiful.”

This amazing quote is pulled from the section on the missional life. The true nature of our missional life flows out of the nature of God. Sweet summarizes the nature of the God of mission so well, I had to share. Enjoy!

We don’t have a well behaved God, a polite God, a well-mannered God.  God is not gentrified, made socially acceptable, or given to political correctness. The time until Jesus returns is not the time for long-range plans or for franchised dreams or for risk free strategies based on pre-approved to-do lists. This is the time to blaze new trails, to explore strange new lands, to build better spaces in which to live and love. If you want a quiet life, a life of peace and contentment, then don’t follow Jesus.  If you want a safe life, a life of security and caution, then don’t follow Jesus. If you want a life that is all mapped out, a life you can plan and control, then don’t follow Jesus. Faith is the opposite of control.

Photo Credit: FutureChurch_Think_Tank_Advance2010_10 by George Fox Evangelical Seminary


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Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

5 responses to “Our God is Not Safe”

  1. David says :

    I believe God is well behaved, polite and well mannered. The problem is that we think God should be making us comfortable and giving us everything. Were our parents polite and well behaved when we didn’t do as we were told? When we wanted out parents to wait on us hand and foot, did they mild mannerly acquiescent to your will? I hope not. A life with God is full of adventure, turmoil, and stepping on toes which are not following God. If we were all walking with Christ, we would all be going the same direction and not stepping on toes. The problem is not God misbehaving but us.

  2. Pierre says :

    Ha. I’m in the left there in the picture. This was in 2010 or 11 I think at len’s house. 🙂

    • traviskolder says :


      Awesome! I’ve never met Len, but I’m sure it was an amazing experience. I actually had a dream that lead me to read this book, and in the dream I was in a house very similar to this, which is why I used it to post with the quote! Blessings on you, my friend.

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