The Knowledge of the Holy: A Follow Up (Part I)


My wife’s copy of “The Knowledge of the Holy.” It was already kind of in bad condition. Our series made it worse (err…more loved).

Wow, we finally did it. If you haven’t been following along, “it” is finishing up with our journey through “The Knowledge of the Holy” by A.W. Tozer. I’ve done one other long-term event on this blog but this one was a lot of fun and it definitely grew and engaged our readership. I’ve always thought of this blog as a community, and that in no way is going to change in the future. But because of the growth in people following the blog and the growth going on spiritually in individual people, I think it’s important to reflect on whats happened, what’s changed, and what the path is going forward.

First off, though, I just want to say thanks. Whether you have been a long term reader or you started along the way with us through this study, your participation and patience as I journaled through each chapter was greatly appreciated. I was talking with one of our readers the other day and mentioned that if no one else grew from this study, I definitely did. I needed to go through this book more than I was aware, so even if you just put up with me posting more than you wanted, thanks! But for those who did participate, for those who commented, and for those who shared, thank you so much. I would do this study with or without people showing up, but having people share and comment has certainly been an encouragement.

Secondly, in the coming days, I hope to provide some additional content for those who want to go deeper in the study. A common thing that happens when people really engage in who God is is they desire to understand more and there are definitely avenues for that. Also, the last two days of studying the book, a couple of our commenters posted some excellent ideas for follow up. I expect to put together a post that highlights those as well.

Also, I think it will be good for us to talk about who has joined us in this process. There have been about forty or so new followers for this last month. I don’t know how many of them are legit (WordPress has some kinda spammy tendencies once in awhile, so it’s hard to be exact) but I know a majority of them are. And I’m excited about that and the ability to grow in the discussion we’ve already been having. However, our content is probably different enough pre this series compared to the series itself, that I think it’s important to talk about where we go from here.

So again, thanks for sticking around. I hope the next few days are helpful and can focus us on growing in our knowledge of God and what’s doing in the body of Christ.


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