The Knowledge of the Holy: God’s Infinitude

Knowledge of the Holy

[Editor’s Note: This is a 23-Day Series exploring different aspects of God’s nature and personality, using Tozer’s “The Knowledge of the Holy” as a discussion starter. You can read the introduction of the series here.]

Sometimes as we’re going through each of these studies, they begin to blur together. One topic spills over into another topic which spills into the next. God’s infinitude is like that. Its one of those facets of who He is that touches every other characteristic.

Tozer’s point for the chapter is that God is limitless.  As creatures of limit, we’re not used to discussing or thinking about things that have no limits, so he admits right from the start we have to imagine something just a step below what we are actually talking about.  But we serve a God who is both limitless and boundless. That’s what makes Him God.

This gets truly practical when Tozer starts talking about how God’s limitless nature means that His other virtues are limitless as well.  His grace is limitless. His mercy is new every day. His love is never-ending.  All of these things never run out because God is never runs out.

I don’t know about you, but when we start talking about limits on God, I start to think about all the places I feel like I’ve exhausted God. Now, to think that even my deepest needs could go toe to toe with a limitless God and win is a fairly proud thought, but bare with me. When I bring that prayer that I’ve prayed a million times and I feel exhausted with it, I can feel like God feels the same way. Or when I sin the same way for the ten millionth time, I can get frustrated with myself and think God has the same frustration.

But today, instead of painting our uncreated God without limit with our feelings, lets stop and realize that God has more patience and grace than we have with ourselves. God has love that never ends. Others have loved us to their limits, but God has no limits.

Let’s learn from the Gentile woman who brought her daughter to Jesus for healing: There must be crumbs that still fall from the table (Matthew 15:21-28). God has more for you.  He has no limits.

Let’s learn from Jacob who wrestles with “the angel of the Lord” and won’t let him go until he gets a blessing (Genesis 32:22-32). God has more for you. He has no limits.

Let’s learn from the little boy who brought his meager lunch to Jesus, not because he thought it could fix things, but because it was what he had (John 6:1-13). Jesus brought his infinitude into that situation and changed it. God has more for you. He has no limits.

So believe today that you can’t exhaust God. Believe that how ever much need or sin you have, He has more supply and grace. Believe, as a good Father, He desires to overwhelm you with good things. If you do, you will be closer to knowing God as He should be (and wants to be) known.

Those are my thoughts for the day. I hope they are encouraging to you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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18 responses to “The Knowledge of the Holy: God’s Infinitude”

  1. David says :

    Our sins, troubles, pains and great sorrows can fill us to bursting. They burden us so much that we feel as if we should die if we tried to carry them but a moment longer. Yet when we give our greatest burdens to God, we find our troubles, which are actually finite and limited, easily handled by our limitless God. Our burdens are not even a drop of water in the infinite bottle of God’s grace.

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