Viral Jesus Winner

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in our giveaway for Viral Jesus. While I wanted to raise awareness for Ross’ book, I also hoped to generate some conversation about disciple-making movements and what it would take to see one started in the West.

While the participation in the contest wasn’t as large as I had hoped, I think the responses were great. This is a conversation that will be had over and over here in the West, particularly as Christianity becomes more and more marginalized in the United States.

So, in order of submission, here are the entrants in our Viral Jesus giveaway. Please visit the blogs and read them. They are both high quality posts that challenge where we are in order to release a viral Christianity in the West. Here are our entrants:

Viral Jesus Book Givewaway by Bryan Hamilton at Spiritual Slash

When Will We See Christian Growth by David Washburn at Searching God’s Heart

While it was hard for me to choose, our winner for the Viral Jesus giveaway is David Washburn. What I enjoyed about David’s post was how quickly he cut to the heart of the matter. If Viral Christianity is going to start in the West, it must start somewhere. The place it has to start is with us.

So, congratulations, David. Not only did you gain a great son-in-law (me), but you also have one a copy of Viral Jesus by Ross Rohde. We’ll send you out that copy shortly. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the giveaway both by submitting your thoughts and spreading the word.

Stay tuned. Friday I’m going to debut the new Pursuing Glory Facebook group. Next Monday I’m going to review Viral Jesus here on the blog. You won’t want to miss it.

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