Letting Go (Thirty Days To Greater Fruitfulness, Day 22)

This blog has been temporarily overtaken by my Thirty Days To Greater Fruitfulness Challenge.  You can find out more by checking out the Introduction.

Today I had another one of those days when I heard something while having a discussion with someone.  The interesting thing is this time I had a serious shift internally when I heard what I heard.  Today it wasn’t so much information, as it was the Lord both speaking something to me and using that word to change my inner man based on what I heard.

I have a friend who is in a different stage of life than I am.  My friend has very little commitments and because of that has lots of stories about what he is able to do with his time.  My dream for my friend would have been that he could have joined us on our journey as a house church but that hasn’t really worked out.  In addition to that, my friend seems to be more and more living for the moment.  Sometimes I’m annoyed by that.  Sometimes I’m bewildered.  Sometimes I grieve, because at least from my perspective, he may be loosing out on some eternal rewards.

Regardless, today I was talking with my friend. I’ll call him Scott.  Scott was telling me again about some of the things he’s doing with his time and how great it’s been.  Then Scott asked me how things have been in my life.  And as I opened up my mouth and began talking, I heard the Lord speak to me that it’s time to release Scott.

To be honest, I have no control over what Scott does or doesn’t do nor did I ever pretend to.  So when the Lord spoke to me that it was time to release Scott, I gave Scott back to the Lord.  I gave the Lord all of my concerns about him.  I also gave him the hurt that I had carried because Scott couldn’t be more involved in where we’re going.  I basically made Scott the Lord’s responsibility.

And, while nothing tangible happened from that point, I feel like I was able to enjoy Scott more after that point.  My love returned in a new way for him, and I think that may be the most important thing that came out of this encounter.  I can love Scott without receiving anything from him now.  And that’s the way it should be.

How has the Father spoken to you about people in your life during this challenge that has changed your relationships with them?  Has it helped?  How did the relationship change?  Let us know in the comments section.

Join us on the “Thirty Days to Greater Fruitfulness” experiment.  For the rest of September we are spending 30 minutes in silent prayer listening to Jesus and then acting on what He asks us to do.  Then we blog about the changes that are occurring in our lives through the marriage of listening and obedience.  It’s not too late.  If you’re just checking out that experiment feel free to jump in.  And if you want more information, you can check it out here.

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