More Quotes From Visions Beyond The Veil

In my last post, I quoted a passage from Visions Beyond The Veil and applied it to our experience of church that we are living in now. Again, we should be part of a supernatural church.  It’s our nature and it’s Jesus’ inheritance. Many times the church backs away from the supernatural realms of God because of fear.  Here, R.A. Baker describes their approach to the powerful and unusual events they experienced:

“From the very beginning the manifestations of the Spirit, the visions, and the revelations carried everything into the supernatural realm so far beyond our own limited knowledge or experience of supernatural matters that Mrs. Baker and I confessed to each other that these things had already passed to the place where the only resource we had was to believe that God was bigger than the devil. We took refuge behind the promise of God that we had before found safe, the promise that those who sought the Father for bread would not get a stone; those who sought a fish would not get a serpent; those who sought an egg would not get a scorpion; those who with pure motives, like these children, sought the Holy Spirit would not get evil things or demons, but would get exactly what they sought, the Holy Spirit (Lu. 11 :13)” (Emphasis Mine).

Has your experience in the supernatural ever pushed you to trust God more? If so what was the outcome?  Tell us a part of your story in the comment section below.

You can get a free copy of Visions Beyond The Veil here.

Photo Credit: Holy Spirit Stained Glass by Hickory Hard Scrabble.


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