Moving Forward

Milestones are interesting things. They tell you where you are, they tell you a little bit about how far you’ve come, but they tell you very little about where you’re going.  The last post for me was a bit of a milestone.  For whatever reason, I felt like I had to do something special for the 200th post on the blog.  That something special took me a lot longer than I had planned—the better part of six months!

Now the question becomes, where do we go from here?  And in a lot of ways, that’s what this period of not posting has been about.  It was more than just time spent writing and working…it was reflecting on where this blog has been and where it is going.  Moving forward, you’re going to see me focus in on a lot of topics that came to the surface when I wrote Why You Come to Pursuing Glory: The Outpouring of the Spirit, Apostolic Leadership, Organic House Churches, and Night and Day Prayer.  But my hope is that the blog goes beyond just me writing about these topics.  My hope is that this becomes a gathering point for people who believe these themes were designed to work together.  I’m also going to remain true to my commitment to be real and talk about my life here as well, because I still believe it’s crucial to what we’re doing to be open, honest, and real.

For all of this to happen some changes are necessary.  The biggest change you will see is I’m going to start posting different blogs in different categories to help people who come here find content that is useful to them.  For those of you who come to hear about the happenings of our lives, there will still be plenty of posts on life stuff, reflection, and maybe a picture or two of the kids.  You’ll see all of these posted under the category “Blogs.” For those of you that use this blog as a resource or enjoy hearing about what Jesus has been speaking to me, I will continue to post those posts here as well.  You’ll find those under the “Articles” category.  I’ll also be forcing the most recent “Articles” post to stay at the top of the blog, so that people who are looking more for content can find it quickly and easily.

There will also be several new types of posts coming to the blog. If you liked the last post, my hope is to continue from time to time to produce Christ-exalting writings that are more like poetry and stories than resource manuals.  You’ll find these sorts of posts in the “Writings” category.  And, in an effort to begin building not just a community, but a community that is building up all of its members, I’m going to start posting in a category I’m calling “Resources.”  The goal of this category will be to point you to significant resources I’m finding out on the web, give away free resources that I’m beginning to develop myself, and update the community that is forming here on changes to the blog. This sort of post, for example, would be filed under “Resources.”

But none of this matters much if a community of like-minded individuals doesn’t begin to dig deep and encourage one another in the things that the Lord is doing.  To do that I want to suggest a couple of simple steps you could take to help:

  1. Comment on the posts you like or disagree with.  Not everything I write will interest you.  But some of it will.  And some of it will make you furious.  I value discussion, so if you’re moved by a post in a good or bad way or you have something to contribute to what has already been said, leave a comment.
  2. If you’re a blogger, join with me in this conversation.  If you see something here that provokes you to write a blog, let me know about it.  I would love to link to what you’ve wrote, and see the conversation go farther than just my little corner of the internet.
  3. If you haven’t yet, subscribe to Pursuing Glory somehow.  If you’re not particularly technologically inclined, hit the “Email Subscription” button on the sidebar of the blog.  If you’re more into computers or you’re daring, you could subscribe to this blog using a feed reader.  I found a great video explaining the process here.  Let’s face it. Life is busy and it’s easy to fall out of the loop.  Either of these tricks will help you stay involved in what’s going on.
  4. Finally, give me suggestions.  I’m certainly not the only voice or the only one talking about the things that we cover here.  Please point me in the direction of others who are both resources and voices for the sort of things we discuss.

Most of these are simple actions, but they will help all of us begin to move forward in the direction the Lord is taking us.  Thanks for listening.

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Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

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