The Time Machine

Post #1 of God’s Perspective on the Upcoming Elections


We’ve been transported back in time.  The year is 1860.  The place…the United States of America.  Abraham Lincoln is running for president.  He and his Republican Party want to abolish slavery.  Those who favor slavery say, “What business is it of yours to tell me what to do with my property? If you are against slavery, no one is telling you that you have to own a slave. It’s my choice! Besides, slavery is good for the economy.”  If you could vote in that election, would you vote for Mr. Lincoln or against him?

Now we go forward in time…to the 1930’s.  You are in a European country and you have a new leader. This person has great oratory skills and is able to motivate people and get things accomplished.  In just a few short years, a decimated economy is re-energized. Crime has been greatly reduced, great order has replaced chaos, and this country, whichwas defeated in a devastating war, is strong again. People can now walk around with their heads held high.  There is just one slight problem though.  This person is a racist and even talks of annihilating certain groups of people he doesn’t like.  But yet, he has done so much good for the country and brought change and given hope. If you were one of the citizens of this country and you didn’t belong to one of the groups he wanted to kill, could you go along with him?

Fast forward.  We have been transported to a time future to the present. There have been great economic crises, unpopular wars, famine, and epidemics.  Multiple millions have perished. However, someone with great leadership ability has appeared on the scene.  This person apparently has all the answers, can make everyone live in peace, and promises to protect and provide for you and your family. There is just one slight caveat, however.  In order to buy or to sell anything, you need to get a “tattoo” made on a certain part of your body.  Taking this tattoo would identify yourself as being totally loyal to him, and you must give him your total devotion. He even requires your worship. You must reject or suppress any previously held loyalties and beliefs, or at least make them subservient to your devotion to this individual. Your own religious convictions tell you that if you accept this mark, you will go to hell. If you were one of the people who lived in this time, would you give your allegiance to this man?  After all, the very survival of you and your loved ones could depend on it. And maybe, your religious convictions could be “tweaked” a bit.

Okay, let’s now backtrack to the early 21st century.  We have returned to one of the aforementioned countries, just a different time period. Another holocaust is taking place, not because of race, but because of age and inconvenience. Some estimate that around 50,000,000 have perished thus far. But the minds of many are on the economy, as the country is going through a strong economic shakeup. Unemployment is up and more people are being laid off.  House values are down and many people have actually lost their homes.  Retirement pensions have been devalued. (And the price of fuel has dropped to levels not seen in years!) Many are worried that their standard of living (which happens to be one of the highest in the world) may decline. There is plenty of finger pointing about who is to blame.  Some people just want “change”, any type of change has got to be better than this.  And there happens to be a man aspiring to be the next leader, who can give them hope because he says he can bring about that change. There are different ideas as to how this “change” will manifest, but one thing is for certain.  He promises to make sure that this holocaust continues, maybe for another generation.

This person has a likable personality and is very good with words. People are even mesmerized and awestruck by his presence. But besides his stance against under-aged persons, there are many serious allegations that have been made against him, including his close associations with those who hate the country and other characters of dubious distinction.  But let’s say that 90% of those allegations are unfounded. No, let’s say 100% are unfounded. He says he can fix the ailing economy and get this country back on track. And let’s say, that he actually will fix the economy.

What will you do?

Will you help put him into power?

This is an email I received from a friend who I respect quite a bit.  I don’t know who wrote it, but it communicates volumes.  I find the first paragraph particularly applicable to where we are.  Feel free to email people this piece, refer people back to this site to read it, or post it on your site.


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