An Apology and A Breakthrough

Today is Saturday.  That means that I have not posted my second part of my article “Apostles and the Coming Apostolic Shift” this week on “Jesus, The Church, and the Coming Kingdom.”  I need to sincerely apologize to those looking for it (my two readers that I have disappointed).  I’ve had a really hectic week, but it should appear on Monday.  My goal is to post a new post every Friday, but the week kinda flew past.

Having said that, I want to announce a small breakthrough.  This is the 12th day of the month and I have posted ten times in twelve days.  This ties my previous high posting count of ten posts from the month of August and we’re only half way through the month. That’s a real breakthrough. Thankfully, there’s lots to talk about and more glory to pursue together.  Maybe on Monday I’ll post here about how our house church is becoming a real contemplative community, which is something that has been totally initiated by the Lord and is really encouraging to me.

As for those of you who wonder how I can claim this as my tenth post when I’ve done nothing but apologize for not posting–you all think way too hard.


About traviskolder

Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

One response to “An Apology and A Breakthrough”

  1. Sasquatch says :

    Sou darou! Don’t be all hatin’ on the Gee just ’cause he be flippin’ on the trip side. I don’t know what that means.

    But yeah, I’ve been waiting for the post, but I’m patient. And, you don’t really need to apologize. Indeed, it’s better to see more posts, even if they are apologies. At least they’re communications, ya know.

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