I Win (And Proof That I’m Not A Bad Sport)

Okay, just to clue everyone in, Bryan Hamilton has been trying to take the picture of Christy and I kissing that I posted on my Valentine’s Day blog for the last two weeks.  This has resulted in countless empty comments from Bryan that have significantly increased my blog traffic, but not displayed his pictures.  You can check out the results under the comment section of this blog.  So today I got an email from WordPress asking me to decide whether I want this comment posted on my blog or not, and it contained Bryan’s latest attempt to access my wordpress account and post pictures.

So, to show I’m not a bad sport and to declare that I’m still winning, I will post one of three pictures Bryan tried to post all at once.  This will both serve to show that I still retain control of my wordpress blog and to display some very talented photoshopping on the part of Bryan.  And to show I’m a good sport, I will offer a vote.  If those who read would like to see other pictures, I will post their links.  But I need to see at least five votes from other readers in order to feel impelled to post them.  Do you want to see more photos like this?

Votes can be left in the comment section.  Let your voice be heard. 


About traviskolder

Travis Kolder is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a father of five, an organic church planter, and a writer. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he serves as part of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network.

17 responses to “I Win (And Proof That I’m Not A Bad Sport)”

  1. gloriann says :

    I think the picture is very funny! It is a much more exciting background, although I am partial to EU in the background. Where else did it put you two?

  2. traviskolder says :

    I like the Evangel University background, too. That weekend was such a cool season for us. We had just found out we were pregnant, we were taking a trip to see Dawn graduate, and we were headed to KC to tell all our friends we were expecting. God did a lot that weekend and it was just a sweet time.

    So, Glori Ann, is that a vote for or against publishing the other two pictures? I want to be fair to Bryan. Also, no details on the other pictures until we see a final vote. But here’s a hint. They are in the same vein.


  3. gloriann says :

    My vote is for publishing the other pictures, it would be fun to see them.

  4. Nicole says :

    LOL! Isnt that from star WARS?? fUNNY im a yes by the way…leave it to Bryan do any of them have yoda?? by the way did you guys know that people actually have star wars partys and they drink yoda soda just a fun fact for ya 😉

  5. traviskolder says :

    Yes, Nichole, that is a scene from Star Wars. No, none of the pictures have yoda in them, though that is surprising coming from Bryan. Yoda Soda? Crazy, huh? That’s two votes for Bryan. Any more?


  6. traviskolder says :

    Bryan Hamilton thought it would be fun to break the rules and ruin the contest for everyone. He tried again to illegally post the pictures by posting a link. Bryan’s message has been unapproved. I will post his message here, so that we can catch the amusing sides of the message without ruining the contest. Bryan, sorry, but no cheating on this one.

    “Of course I must vote for myself….I acknowledge my defeat… Although you may have won this battle. You have not one the war. For you have now again entered the realm of “The Photoshop Wars”….” A long time ago, in bored blogger’s mind, There was PhotoShop Wars! The next episode will be a inbetween storyline. Which takes place between the “The Photoshop Wars” and The Photoshop strikes back” Behold I unveil “Shadow of the Photoshop: WordPress Counterstrike” This new episode will contain all of my missing pictures plus a few other juicy morsels… Plus I also have something very unique and special planned for you Travis… Mwhahahahahahaahahahahahahaha! So vote or no vote. I win brother!

    Travis, there are worse things than being embarrassed online with photoshop and I can do all of them! Mwhahahahahaahahaha!
    Wordpress, my arch nemesis your days of being hacker proof are numbered…”

    Bryan, I just need to say, one more breech of rules, and your vote will be disqualified. I still love you, though.


  7. jamiepexa says :

    oh wow, well one thing is for sure it gave me a good laugh!

  8. traviskolder says :

    So Jamie, is that a vote for or against posting the other two pictures?

    On another note, Bryan again tried to write in to display the images to other viewers. We’re allowing Bryan’s vote to stand at this point.

    So, if Jamie’s comment counts as a vote, we’re going to say we’re at four at this point, if Bryan can keep his vote by avoiding posting locations for these pictures elsewhere, then we’re one reader vote away from posting the pictures.

    Any other takers?


    P.S.-Still love you Bryan, though you cheat. 🙂

  9. Jess says :

    wow…gotta say Trav and Bryan….you guys have way too much extra time 🙂 haha…just kidding. the star wars picture is awesome. nicely done Mr. Hamilton.

  10. Bryan says :

    Travis, fellow co laborer in christ…I don’t cheat I win… Although for the sake of your weak conscience. Lest you should fall in your pride. I will not make anymore overatures to my sucessful counterstrike or my plans to take over the world. Starting with your blogsite! Mwhahahahahahahahaha!

  11. Dawn says :

    I vote yes

  12. Amarachi says :

    me too i vote yes

  13. Amanda says :


  14. JOHN MARCUS says :

    I know Bryan may be just playing around, but he shouldn’t be able to control things and get his way. It’s a NO from me.

  15. Bryan says :

    John Marcus let me assure that I do push the envolope aliitle bit. I would stop my joking if it seriously caused anyone to stumble.

  16. JOHN MARCUS says :

    Hi Bryan, this is John Marcus, went to your My Space site, it looks great. Enjoyed watching the harp and bowl youtube video you have there. Wondeful prophetic intercession and so much flowing in the Holy Spirit. I think its wonderful your stand of purity that you are making. Go for it brother.
    I do think you have a good heart and really love God and know where the line is, with all this fun you are having with Travis. Admire your photoshop talents. Bless you now. Go well.

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