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What Japan Doesn’t Need

I just finished reading an email sent out by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson describing their perspective on world events in light of the recent earthquake and tidal wave that has rocked Japan.  Opinions about the situation are a dime a dozen, but I found this thought by Wolfgang extremely helpful.  In describing how the church should address such a crisis he says this:

“Don’t do what the world does, but do what only Kingdom people can do, and no-one else. Kingdom people do not need to join the choir of a world without God that only sees the superficial humanitarian, economic, scientific or psychological aspects of disasters.” –Wolfgang Simson

I think this is incredibly key for the hour that we’re living in.  Right now, with all of the calamity and war taking place around us, it can be easy for us to become humanitarians.  And while I love helping others (and trust me, we will be called to help others) there has to be something that separates our response from the response of every other human being that doesn’t know Christ. You see Japan doesn’t need more money, they need Jesus.

The world has money, star power, volunteers, and sympathy. What they don’t have is any cure for the wrath of God that manifests itself partially in this age and fully in the age to come.  What they don’t have is Christ, loving them, leading them, indwelling them, and empowering them. He alone is the cure for everything broken in this world. He is anything but impractical. When a group of people come under the Lordship of Jesus and experience His life, they will change and heal society just by their very nature.

There will be a day when all the world’s money, star power, and volunteerism will not suffice to bring healing.  The weight of sin and the outpouring of God’s wrath will be too great.  In those days the church will no longer be able to rely on what she has been able to do through human means, but only on what she has learned to give from Jesus. Her access to a supernatural God who changes mankind, heals the sick, restores the broken, and shifts the heavens will be crucial. The time to learn how to give this is right now.

Wolfgang goes on to describe other practical responses the church can make, and I would encourage you to check out his email that he sent and the pdf attached that gives you some insight into his revelation about Japan.

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Food For Thought: Snowmaggedon Edition

Every week here at Pursuing Glory I try to bring together the best posts I’ve found that will equip the end-times church to operate in her God-ordained destiny.  These are the best blogs, articles, books and other resources related to our purpose here at this site.  Feel free to visit, comment, and make use of the resources found at each site.

This week finds me pretty much snowed in my house, with the news predicting 8 to 12 inches of snow.  There are a lot worse things that could happen. I got to play with some of the most fun kids I know.  There’s nothing quite like spontaneous, fun, free time with the family. If only I didn’t have to shovel first. And now, on to the links:

If We Have Been Raised With Christ

One of the traps we fall into frequently is letting the things of Jesus distract us from actually knowing and following Him. Quincy at Christ the Center takes a look at Paul’s instruction to the Colossians and how we can reclaim the wonder of simply knowing Christ.

The Passion of the Sheep

One of the downfalls of making the transition into an organic church setting is that we can lose focus on our Master in the process. That’s why I love this post by Mercy and Wolfgang Simson at While We Slept.  Being some of the original house church thinkers, they’re still finding themselves longing to know Jesus.  I think you’ll enjoy this post.

Too Busy To Think

This post by JD at Missiologically Thinking focuses on taking time to reflect on everything that you’re doing to increase Kingdom fruit. Getting this sort of macro-level thinking to happen frequently is important as we move forward in the days ahead.

Remember the Poor

Keith at Subversive1 shares about his journey into loving the poor more effectively.  This is one area I think house churches are particularly well suited for.

Plant Churches Like a Missionary, Not a Pastor

One of the errors I see many rushing into is the tendency to think that just by planting a church, the lost will automatically get saved and discipled.  Dave writes at the Resurgence about the need to be a missionary while planting a church, and not getting sucked into pastoring a group of only saved individuals.

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Food for Thought: New Logo Edition

Every week here at Pursuing Glory I try to bring together the best posts I’ve found that will equip the end-times church to operate in her God-ordained destiny.  These are the best blogs, articles, books and other resources related to our purpose here at this site.  Feel free to visit, comment, and make use of the resources found at each site.

So call me crazy, but I’m really excited this week to include a new piece of artwork here on the blog that I think better compliments the “Food for Thought” feel.  The previous graphic with some guy advertising grilled brain was fun, but maybe it wasn’t quite the “brain food” graphic that I was looking for.  Let me know what you think of the new picture.  Now, with no further ado, your links for the week:

Greek and Hebrew Evangelism Probably the biggest thing that holds back many in the church from missional lifestyles is the fear and confusion surrounding sharing their faith.  This article by Ross contrasts a confrontational, idea-based form of evangelism (Greek) with a conversational, listening-from-the-heart style of evangelism (Hebrew).  Ross’ message is that evangelism can be as easy as pointing out to those we know and love the places in their life where God is already working.  I think this style has a lot of merit and it would be interesting to know how this has worked out practically in the lives of others.  You can catch other great articles from Ross over at thejesusvirus.

Felix: Before and After This post by Keith Giles looks at the writings of a first century pagan and his view of the church before and after his conversion.  While his words before his conversion sound harsh and his thoughts after his conversion sound more complimentary, the interesting thing about both accounts is that they each describe how the people of God should live and operate together.  Get this at-once-unbeliever, now believer’s take on the the first century Jesus movement. Keith is a profound and challenging blogger that you can read more from at Subversive1.

Missional House Churches in America Part 1 Probably the biggest news of the week on the house church front is that the house church movement is big news!  Several articles came out in major newspapers talking about the move of many Americans into house churches.  J.D. Payne, a researcher and mission-minded theologian who has written and researched the house church movement, looks at the missional impact of this flourishing house church movement.  J.D.’s research is deep and thorough.  His case studies highlight the true potential of God’s people living out Christianity together.  He blogs regularly at Missiologically Thinking.

TV Series on “The Kingdom” This is more of an announcement than an article you can read, but it’s exciting none-the-less.  Those of you who have read Houses That Change The World or the Starfish Manifesto know that Wolf has a serious heart for the Kingdom.  An understanding of the Kingdom of God has to be central to anything that God is birthing in this hour.  Wolf has put together a series of television broadcasts that will be aired in Finland and then repackaged for distribution.  Check out the broadcasts and stay up to date with Wolf and his wife Mercy at While We Slept.

Photo Credit: Design Probes – Food for Thought by centralasian.