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This thing

I’m about to post about my day and I realized that I was going to use a phrase I don’t normally use here but I found it scrawled on the walls of my heart.  So I thought I would define it quick so I could link to it.  It’s very 21st century I think.  If I had more time I’d create a wikipedia entry.

So the term is “This Thing.”  What do I mean when I say “This Thing?” I believe before the end of the age that God is going to raise up a Bride that is faithful to Jesus like no other generation in church history.  In the midst of the greatest persecution ever from a satanically inspired world leader, God will pour out His Spirit in unprecendented ways that will bring in a global harvest of epic proportions.  It’s the book of Exodus plus the book of Acts multiplied (Micah 7:15, Joel 2, Revelation 11:3-12).  It’s IHOP’s Prophetic History plus Houses that Change the World plus an apostolic and prophetic revolution like we have never seen.  It’s viral networks of churches full of people following the Lamb wherever He goes.  It’s Jesus’ plan for the end of the age.  You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.

Anyways, “This Thing” is the the church of Jesus Christ as it is today, saying a weak “Yes.”  She may not look like a pure and spotless Bride yet, but she’s coming through the wilderness, what do you expect?  Rest assured of this…She is going somewhere.

Buckle up…it’s going to be a fun ride.