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The Cry of the Harvest


Lately, I’ve been picking up a little steam in updating this section of the blog.  My hope is it’s helpful.

I just finished up “The Cry of the Harvest” by Chad Taylor.  I was looking for a book to stir up a passion for reaching lost souls and give direction in how to do it.  I found that and more.  Chad is probably one of the most radical American evangelists that I’ve read about in recent history.

What I love about this book is that Chad is profoundly set apart to reach lost souls in this culture.  He is not impressed by charismatic Christianity that is obsessed with God’s power but never touches the lost.  He calls for a reformation in the church that looks a lot like house churches, but is quick to point out if they forget they are for the harvest they have lost their way.

Chad’s voice echoes the Lord’s heart for us to no longer be complacent about the lost that are dying around us. In many ways, Chad’s writings were a gentle, fatherly rebuke to not forget part of the purpose for which the church exists.  Here’s a warning: This book will challenge you. If you’re interested, you can pick the book up here.