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Why You Come To Pursuing Glory

Welcome to post number 199 here on Pursuing Glory.  You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged here recently, mostly because I’ve been wanting to do something significant for the 200th post.  Normally, I’m not a big numbers guy, so I wouldn’t make a big deal over the 200th post, but for whatever reason, reaching that post number has got me thinking about the direction of the blog, who comes and reads what’s here, and what God intends to do through this blog.  All of this is motivated me to take a look at my top posts and ask this question: Why do people come and read this blog.

Looking at the stats is a little telling.  The number one post here on the blog is "A Summary of the Lakeland Revival." Undoubtedly, this blog post came out during the final months of the Lakeland Revival when controversy was beginning to swirl and so many came looking for information about what had happened.  But I also think it speaks of the desire in the body of Christ to truly experience the power of Christ not only in our own lives but in the lives of the lost and dying. This post is significant because you come here believing God desires to pour out his Spirit in a dramatic way that awakens the nations.

The next most popular blog (which is really shocking to me) is called "Mark Driscoll Kicks Terry Virgo’s Butt." This blog recaps Mark Driscoll’s visit to New Frontiers and points you to the blog posts of both Mark and Terry. I’ve been totally shocked by how many times this page has been viewed.  What is even more shocking to me is the fact that about half the traffic comes looking for information on Driscoll and half comes looking for information on Virgo.  What’s driving those hits, I believe, is a sincere desire to experience and understand true apostolic leadership.  Both of these men represent significant movements of believers around the world struggling for the truth of the Gospel to be presented to a lost and dying world.  I believe some of you come because you’re hungry for the kind of Christianity where apostolic leadership is welcomed and encouraged.

"While We Slept" and "Wolfgang Opens A Webshop" are two other high ranking posts that feature Mercy and Wolfgang Simson. The content of these posts announce Mercy and Wolf each opening up a presence on the internet. I believe that these posts are visited frequently for the same reason that "Mark Driscoll Kicks Terry Virgo’s Butt" gets traffic.  However, Mercy and Wolf represent something different as well.  Mercy definitely has a prophetic anointing resting on her life.  Wolfgang is definitely an apostolic leader in the body of Christ.  But both of them also represent the growing house church movement that is developing all over the world.  I’ve never discussed the house church movement in a very structured way but this blog definitely has become a place to discuss the shift going on in many peoples’ hearts to a more relational form of Christianity that meets in homes.  I believe some of you come here to catch a glimpse of this transition that is taking place across the world. 

Another post that gets some pretty significant attention on this blog always seems to be "Red Moon Rising Quote #2."  This blog is a quote that came straight from the book "Red Moon Rising," which chronicles the birth of a prayer movement in Europe that challenges young adults to live lives of extravagant devotion to Jesus in the context of prayer and service.  I know people come to this post because of the quote, but I believe that throughout the body of Christ there is a hunger to live lives of deep prayer and consecration to Jesus. I believe you come to the blog because you know that the move of God that is coming will be supported by a revolution in prayer, both individually and corporately.

Finally, Stuff I’m Reading has always been a significant page on this blog.  This blog is significant in a way that is different from all the other posts.  This page is all about me and what material God is using to grow and mature me.  And in a way, I think this page is popular for the same reason that posts like "I Win (And Proof That I’m Not A Bad Sport)" and "Because She’s My Valentine" remain popular on the blog.  If I can say this without being self-centered, I think a lot of you come here to stay caught up with me.  This to a large degree was and is still the purpose of the blog.  As I’ve slowly moved over to Facebook and Twitter, a lot of that personal "what are you doing" sort of content has slipped out of the posts here. However, in my attempt to focus in more on the blog again, look to see more of this as we go on.  I’ll explain that later. 

So this blog has a lot of people showing up for different reasons.  But I believe that God is going to raise up a move of the Holy Spirit marked by radical signs and wonders, lead by seasoned apostolic men, who are extending the Kingdom through prayer, evangelism, and house church planting.  I call it “this thing,” and if you’re interested in seeing where it goes, stick aroundWe’re in for a fun ride.

Mark Driscoll Kicks Terry Virgo’s Butt

I just recently found the blog of Terry Virgo. Terry is the founder of a network of churches that has focused on the restoration of the church at large and reaching people in the nations who have never heard of Jesus.   I don’t know tons about Terry, but from what I’ve read and seen of him he seems like the sort of guy you’d like to have on your team.  I like what I’ve seen from his blog so far and I’m planning on adding a link to his blog to the page if it continues with the sort of quality I’ve seen.

Terry invited Mark Driscoll to speak to the network of churches he serves.  I have a special spot in my heart for Mark because he is a man who speaks the truth regardless of the cost.  A number of times the Lord has used him in my life to profoundly change my perception of something going on in the church.  Today Terry blogged about the impact Mark’s visit had over the summer.

I’ve always been fascinated by itinerant ministry.  There’s something miraculous that happens when God releases one of His servants to travel to another place and sow seed into a different field.  The result is more than just a moving speaker coming for a one-time event.  It’s often more of a “spiritual DNA transfer” that can change a group of people. Terry writes about the impact Mark’s visit had and I thought some of the shifts going on in his church are powerful things for all of us to think about.  Consider the following statements apostolic encouragement from the founder of one movement to the founder of another:

“[Mark] stimulated and challenged us about the pace of growth amongst us and it was so healthy to get a spiritual ‘kick up the backside’ from a guy who himself is planting churches at a phenomenal rate as well as building a great church in Seattle.”

“We were particularly stirred about his aggressive commitment to growth and his challenge to us to accelerate our church planting.”

“Lastly, there was the challenge to ‘honour the future’ and not to overmuch ‘honour the founder’. We will be taking definite steps in this connection by inviting young guys into contexts where they can learn and participate with us in our planning.”

You can read about Mark’s trip to England from Terry’s perspective here and you can read what Mark learned on the trip here.