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The Wayback Machine: August

Just because a post isn’t on the front page doesn’t mean it’s not important.  The “Wayback Machine” posts occur at the end of every month and reference the best posts of that month in years past.  My hope is to provide a good jumping on point for readers who have never been to Pursuing Glory.


Joel’s Birthday and the Outpouring of the Spirit

My son’s birth was a prophetic sign to us about the outpouring of the Spirit at the end of the age.  On my son’s one-year birthday I reflect on the significance of this promise in Scripture.

Stuff I’m Reading….Err…Listening To

I love to review books that I’ve read in order to point people to good material.  This is my review of Francis Chan’s groundbreaking book, Crazy Love.


The Baby Has Arrived

Appropriately, this is the blog announcement of the birth of Joel.  No prophetic significance mentioned here, just some insight into my thinking at the time of his birth.


Touched By An Angel

This post describes an encounter I had at the Midwest Prayer Center shortly before we began our house church.  A number of things happened during this month that were signs the Lord was leading us to start a house church.  This was foremost among them.

A Random Meeting with a House Church Planter and Another of My 50,000 Coaches

This post describes a sit-down I had with a house church planter in our area shortly before we started our house church.  What I love about this post, though, is the fleshing out of the 50,000 Coaches philosophy.  If you want to understand 50,000 coaches or you want to hear about some initial encouragement I received about viral house churches, check out this post.

Striving To Enter His Rest

This is probably the most convicting post of my own that I’ve read in some time.  It deals with the need to make God’s rest our priority, especially in the lives of leaders.

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Come Rest

come-restI just thought I would take a minute and plug the book of a dear friend of mine.  Come Rest is a new book by Dick Speight, founder of Come Rest Ministries.  I first met Dick when he cold-called me after having heard about me through his daughter. We met a short time later and discovered we had deep affection for four things: Jesus Christ, the church, the contemplatives, and Monk.  Instant friendship in the making.

Dick has been an advisor to our house church network, a dear friend, and an advocate in the city for us as we journey into unexplored territory.  One thing that I love about Dick is that he is constantly learning.  Even though he is old enough to be my father, he is still humble enough to think that he can learn from me and my experience.  He’s a rare guy.

That made it easy when he emailed me a copy of his new book and asked me to endorse it.  The book was great but the reality is I wanted everyone to get a chance to see the guy I see regularly.  After I finished reading his manuscript, I wrote this:

“We live in a 24/7, non-stop, always connected, relentlessly busy world that leaves us more empty and alone than when we found it. Only God has a remedy for us.  God has made Richard a rich blend of a desert father, an evangelical contemplative, and a loving pastor. The result is a message that provokes you from all sides to rest in Jesus.  ‘Come Rest‘ is more than a book, it’s an invitation into the life of rest you were designed to live.”

I want to encourage you if you’re looking for a good devotional or you’re just looking to draw away a little deeper in the love of God, to consider picking up a copy of this book.  You can find it here or you can buy a copy at the “Apostolic Christianity Bookstore” found on the right hand column of this blog.

Several years ago, the Lord told Dick that he was to tell the earth “Come rest in My love.”  Join Dick as he shares the Lord’s heart with the world.