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A Quote From A Friend

A man that I deeply respect who was part of an underground church in another country was talking to a mutual friend lately.  In the midst of that conversation, he stopped and said something that our mutual friend later relayed to me.  There was just too much wisdom in this statement not to relay it to you:

“You know what the problem with the church in America is?  You never know whether a Christian is strong or not.  You can only tell in the midst of persecution.” Selah.

A Quote Too Good Not To Share

“The gospel that the first century apostles preached was one of Christ’s lordship and God’s pure and unfailing grace in Him.  Paul of Tarsus, for example, did not forge people together with rules, religious duty, or legalism.  Instead he preached a gospel of grace so high and so powerful that it kicked down the gates of hell–setting the Jew free of religious duty and the Gentile free of immorality.  His was a double-barreled, two-fisted gospel.”

By Frank Viola, Finding Organic Church, p. 29