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I’ve been musing over this question for a while.  I’m hoping that you (my readers) have some insight.  I think it has implications about how we lead someone to faith and about what happens afterwards. The question is this:

If the Gospel (the message we share to bring people to faith in Jesus) doesn’t include discipleship, why would we add it later? If the Gospel does include discipleship, why don’t we preach it in our message?

If you’ve got some thoughts about this question, please leave a comment in the comment section. I’ll post some of my thoughts after I give some folks a chance to interact and discuss.

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Apostolic Proclamation

Someone noticed that when Pericles spoke, people said “How well he speaks;” but when Demosthenes spoke, people said “Let us march.”

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A Quote Too Good Not To Share

“The gospel that the first century apostles preached was one of Christ’s lordship and God’s pure and unfailing grace in Him.  Paul of Tarsus, for example, did not forge people together with rules, religious duty, or legalism.  Instead he preached a gospel of grace so high and so powerful that it kicked down the gates of hell–setting the Jew free of religious duty and the Gentile free of immorality.  His was a double-barreled, two-fisted gospel.”

By Frank Viola, Finding Organic Church, p. 29