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The Didache – A Podcast Series by Keith Giles


Long time readers will know that though I talk about house churches, church planting, and revival a lot, the passion of my heart is seeing Jesus raise up apostolic Christianity in the Earth. And while Jesus continually raises up movements that have bits and pieces of apostolic Christianity in them, there are fewer true examples of apostolic Christianity than the first century church.

That’s why I was thrilled when Keith Giles produced a 9 part podcast on the Didache, a first century discipleship handbook created from the teachings of the original apostles. In case you didn’t know, the Didache is widely acknowledged to pre-date all of our New Testament books but wasn’t included in the New Testament. It gives a glimpse into the early lifestyle of the church and how they trained new disciples. While I wouldn’t call the Didache “inspired,” it definitely gives us good context to understand what the apostolic church looked like as it emerged in the first century.

Keith does a great job of walking through the different chapters of the Didache and as a result, he’s produced a valuable resource for the church. If you’re interested at all in what the church returning to her apostolic roots might look like, I would highly encourage you to check out this series. I’ve listed the various episodes below.

Also, several times throughout the podcast, Keith encourages you to go out on the internet and find a copy. Just for ease, you can read the whole Didache here or you can buy a copy here.

Thanks, Keith, for this great resource!

The Didache – Part One: What is It?

The Didache – Part Two: Structure/Teaching

The Didache – Part Three: Chapter 1 wrap-up & Chapter 2

The Didache – Part Four: Chapter 3

The Didache – Part Five: Chapter 4

The Didache – Part Six: “The Way of Death”

The Didache – Part Seven: Chapters 8-10

The Didache – Part Eight: Teacher and Prophet

The Didache – Part Nine: Watch Your Life

Photo Credit: The Didache: Faith, Hope, and Life of the Earliest Christian Communities by Aaron Milavec

Memos To Myself

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Back in July, my buddy Doug encouraged me to take a spin at podcasting. It seemed like a good way to share more short thoughts that I don’t have the chance to blog here. I found that not only was I hopefully encouraging other people, but I was encouraging myself in the process. And so “Memo’s to Myself” was born.

If you like the content you find here, I’m almost guaranteed to talk about the same sort of topics on the podcast. You’ll also here me monologue my thoughts on David Crocket, the struggle between productivity and family life, and why we should use smartphones like rocket ships.

My goal is to post a new podcast five days a week (Monday through Friday). I’d love it if you joined me on this journey. You can listen to any of the podcasts listed below or have new episodes delivered to you by clicking here.

Memos to Myself, Episode 10

Memos to Myself, Episode 9

Memos to Myself, Episode 8

Memos to Myself, Episode 7

Memos to Myself, Episode 6

Memos to Myself, Episode 5

Memos to Myself, Episode 4

Memos to Myself, Episode 3

Memos to Myself, Episode 2

Memos to Myself, Episode 1

Photo Credit: Sony WM-D6C by edvvc