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A Little Unconventional Worship for Your Day…

There is no real point in me posting this video other than I really enjoy it every time I hear it.  I love the creativity on this guy.  Plus you don’t find many people who can transition from a time of repentance into a time of praise like Rick does here.  Enjoy!


Playing in My MP3 Player…

So lately God has been meeting me as I listen to Beautiful People by Jason Upton.  I got it back on my birthday, but  I didn’t really appreciate it until I heard someone at Godstock singing “In Your Presence” (Track 4).  Ever since then, the CD has been helping me bask in the delight of God as a Father.  If you haven’t heard this CD, you should really check it out.  Tracks 4, 10, 12 & 13 are phenomenal.

So, whats playing in your MP3 player?