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A Letter To Undecided Voters

Dear Registered, Concerned Voter

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent the last several weeks thinking about the upcoming elections and its consequences for the future of our nation.  I’m writing to you as an individual who has thought about many aspects of this race for the past year.  I’m sure you’re also as concerned, as I am, about the future of this country.  We know it has been great in the past, and though it has seen its share of rough times, we know it can be great again.  But the great challenges ahead of us require strength of character and hard decisions, decisions that do not come cheap or easy. This election is about more than a war or an economy.  It’s about what we stand for as Americans.  I write to you tonight so that you can consider how you should vote tomorrow in a new light.

Consider the great atrocity of our time–abortion.  Never before in the history of mankind has such widespread bloodshed occurred without any form of outrage.  In America alone, just short of 4,000 babies every day are put to death.  More babies in America have been killed since September 11th, 2001 than Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.  The number of babies aborted in America in the last decade dwarfs the number of deaths caused in any war in recent history.  Until a few years ago it was legal to kill a baby that was partially born because technically it was still in the birth canal.  Some argue that each baby is a choice, not a human being.  The only people who argue that point have never met a woman who has lost a baby prematurely or a family who cannot conceive.  For them, a baby is anything but a choice.  No, in the grand scope of things, we as Americans are slaughtering our most precious resource–our own children.

Where does each candidate stand on this issue?  John McCain has repeatedly voted against abortion, while Barack Obama has repeatedly voted to allow anyone to destroy a baby at any time.  Any search of Planned Parenthood’s website will verify this.  In fact, Barack Obama is so committed to this issue that he has publically stated that his first act as President would be to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act.”  This act will basically allow any abortion at any time.  It would give teenage girls, who cannot receive asprin at high schools without parental notification, to be given an abortion without any prior consent from a parent.  The “Freedom of Choice Act” will unleash a flood of death across the nation.  Judge for yourselves whether January 20th, 2009 should be a day when our new President signs a death bill to our nations infants.  Or should he be pursuing something better for our nation?

To my Christian brothers and sisters who are still undecided-we must make a decision now.  Our God calls abortion by a different name-infanticide, the killing of infants.  God gave us our children as a gift.  We must help the poor, we must steward the environment, we must end the wars we’ve started responsibly and well, and we probably fix the economy for our good and the good of our children.  But none of this will matter if we continue as the household of God to ignore the cries of innocent blood being spilled on our land.  I beg you, if you are planning to vote for Obama out of fear of financial loss, out of emotional reaction to President Bush, or for some other reason to reconsider.   Consider the incredible value God places on the lives of these children.  The environment does not have blood that cries out to God.  Our wallets do not have blood that cry out to God.  But the spilled blood of innocent children cry out to Him day and night.  All of the issues in front of us are important, but we must decide if we will allow this crime to continue on our watch.

So today, I’m asking for you to vote for Senator John McCain as a vote against Barack Obama and his desire to legitimize killing our children.  I’ve posted a few times on God’s Perspective on the Upcoming Elections, and I will link to all of them one final time at the end of this post for you to read further.

Finally, I leave you with a story.  Imagine you met a German who lived during the time of Hitler and you got a chance to go and ask him what it was like.  You ask him how all the people could have been so blind sided by Hitler.  He tells you that many people were concerned with the economy.  Then you ask him what he did to stop the killing of the Jews.  Obviously so many people knew that it was wrong.  Your new friend looks sheepishly at the floor as you ask him where he was when Hitler was killing the Jews.  He says, “I saw them out my window, being horribly mistreated and I pulled my blinds and looked away.”  Fast forward 30 years.  Now its your turn.  Your grandchild comes up to you and asks you “Grandpa, Grandma, where were you when the government allowed you to kill any child you wanted?  What did you do?”  What will you say to them on that day?

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.  Thanks for voting and for caring enough to think deeply about these issues.


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Have We Lost Our Minds?

More than ever before, this election cycle has attempted to pit one group of people against another.  This election seems like the most important one since…well I guess since the last one.  I’ve watched people blogging about this election, and while a lot of it has been wrong or misguided, I’ve never felt compelled to speak out against any of it.  Today, however, was a turning point that probably should have come sooner.  Today I saw a slew of blogs about the way in which a pro-life voter could conceivably vote for Barack Obama with a clean conscience the most obvious of which came from a prominent Christian writer that has supported Barack since the beginning.  My fear is that sincere Christians are attempting to ease their consciences about voting for a Pro-Choice candidate.  My hope is to articulate why Barack Obama is not a choice for serious Pro-Life voters.

The latest batch of lies being pushed over the internet have tried to paint Obama as a pro-life candidate.  Bloggers are arguing the basic thought: 1) Obama is Pro-poor.  2) Poor people make up a majority of the women having abortions.  3) A vote for Obama would raise the economic status of many resulting in a lowering of abortions.  4) A better economy equals lives saved.

But we cannot believe something so incredibly deceitful.  We don’t kill our unborn children because we’re poor.  We kill our unborn children for the same reason we kill adults.  There is a propensity in the human nature towards evil.  Selfishness causes us to make choices that are good for us and bad for others.  Jesus said that the poor would be with us always.  If this is the case, economics has no hope in ending the slaughter of innocent children.  The Obama economic plan to help the poor is admirable, but in the end it will not stop abortion.

The real question is this-How many babies should we stop killing before God as a righteous judge is satisfied?  We kill somewhere between 3,500 to 4,000 a day.  Will God be happy with half of that number?  How about 1/4 of that number?  I don’t know in the heart of God how many is enough, but I know this- we have to work until that number is as close to zero as possible. Until Jesus returns not every single abortion will be stopped.  Even laws revoking Roe v. Wade will not stop back alley abortions.  But we can stop endorsing the slaughter of our children as a right that a certain group of people have.  We can stop pretending that these children are cells and start calling them our inheritance.  We as a church can work to support poor women who find themselves pregnant and help them raise their children to know the Lord.  We can open our homes to children who probably would have been aborted and we can fund adoptions of children whose parents weren’t ready to be parents.

Beloved, the way forward is not economics.  Children have a right to exist whether a parent is poor or not.  We as the church owe it to the 4,000 children aborted today to go out and vote for a candidate who won’t work for the next day’s number to grow.  We must pray, work for more adoptions and easier adoption laws, care for the poor, and yes, we must vote for a candidate who will not condemn our children to death.  If that means we vote for John McCain, so be it.


A list of disclaimers:
1) I’m not an ardent supporter of John McCain.  I think there were a lot better candidates to choose from in the Republican line-up that present the best our country has to offer.  I do respect Senator McCain (like I respect Senator Obama) and no matter who wins the election, I will pray for the President just like I have done for the last eight years.
2) I will be voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin as a vote against Barack Obama, not as an outright support for all of their policies.
3) I also am not a fan of war or greed.  I think war should be a last resort and that greed is evil.  Lost life is lost life and is tragic no matter what.  But I do believe that 4000 babies being aborted daily and the apathy about this genocide is more tragic and sinful than anything we’ve been a part of in Iraq or anywhere else in the world.
4) I would vote Democrat if a Democrat had enough courage to stand up to special interests who favor killing unborn children.