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The Wayback Machine: March

Some things just get better with age.  “The Wayback Machine” posts occur at the end of every month and reference the best posts of that month in years past.  My hope is to provide a good jumping on point for readers who have never been to Pursuing Glory.


God’s Heart For Restoration

Todd Bentley leading a major healing revival in Lakeland, Florida, falling during its height, and then being restored is probably one of the notable events in the charismatic world over the last decade.  I had written about the Lakeland Outpouring previously, and this follow up post looked the restoration process Rick Joyner was taking Todd Bentley through.


What I’ve Learned About Blogging While I Was Gone

March of 2008 marked a return to not just blogging but to the internet as a whole for me.  Previous to this post, I had made some mistakes with some posts I had written on this blog, had my only computer crash, and hadn’t had internet for three months.  It was during this season that the Lord Jesus taught me a few things about blogging that I thought would be helpful to share.  If you’re a blogger, I think you’ll enjoy this post.

Photo Credit: Dr Who by Aussiegal


God’s Heart For Restoration

Last summer I wrote a short history of the Lakeland Revival that was hosted by Ignited Church and lead primarily by Todd Bentley.   For reasons I may look at shortly, this is still the most popular page on my blog.  My intention was that when I had a little more time I would write an appeal to the body of Christ at large to pray for Todd and his restoration to ministry.  My appeal never “made it to print” but the reality that Todd needs people praying to be restored has not changed.

I bring all this up for this reason:  Todd has begun the restoration process.  Todd has now moved to Morningstar Ministries in the Carolinas and is working with Rick Joyner and their team to repent and be restored.  I applaud this step.  No matter what you think about Todd, being big enough to admit mistakes and submit to a restoration process in a sign of great humility.  I also applaud Rick and his team for being willing to take this head on.

Please begin to pray for Todd and his family as he begins this process.  Pray for Morningstar as they take this new step forward in their calling.  The level of warfare they experience will surely increase.  Whether you agree with everything Todd does or not, he caries a genuine gift of miracles that we haven’t really operated in here in the West.  God was forming a gift in Todd to give to the larger body of Christ.  His restoration will be of great importance.

Below you’ll find the first of several video updates Rick and Todd are doing to keep the body of Christ up to date on the process.  I hope that you’ll use them to interceed for the situation on a more personal level.  More video updates can be found here.

We in the body must be about restoration of those who have fallen, no matter how seemingly significant or insignificant they are.  We may not in a place to restore a Todd Bentley, but most of us know someone who needs restoration and ALL of us can pray.  The days will come when many will be falling away from their walk with the Lord and many will not return to Him.  But some will find mercy and for those that do, we must prepare now.  Please, join with me in praying for Todd and extending mercy to others around us.  I believe the Lord will be pleased.

Thursday Night Brain Dump

I haven’t posted in a week or so. The cruelty of blogging is that when you have the most stuff going on to write about you have the least time to blog about it. This Thursday night brain dump is for those who are slightly curious about what is going on in Travis’ world.

Sunday was both my birthday and an awesome day. I had an amazing divine connection with a guy who spends his days mobilizing reproducible churches to reach the lost in North America.

Christy and I wanted to be in Kansas City this last part of this week, but with no new car and an ailing older car, the trip was not possible. This is the first time we’ve missed Tribal Gathering in years and its kind of a bummer.

I’ve been up trying to read through a new book about to be published called “Come Rest.”  I’ve been asked to write a little blurb as a recommendation and when I do, I will post it here to give the book some publicity.

Discipleship actually works.  Especially when its real, intentional, and simple.

I still have a lot of stuff I’m hoping to post here, including “The Apostolic Nature of House Churches” and “An Appeal,” which is why I wrote about Todd Bentley and Lakeland in the first place.  Watch for more coming soon.