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We Can Do Better…


Americans spend $700 billion on all Christian causes.

Of that number, $45 billion goes to any kind of work overseas.

That amounts to 6% of money that the church gives. Of that 6%, only a fraction of that money ($450 million) is sent to ministries working among those who are considered unreached. This is roughly the same amount Americans spent in 2015 on diet programs. It’s just over what we spend on Halloween costumes for our pets.

What these numbers reveal is that a staggering amount of the money we give to God ends up being spent on us. It stays within the church for the benefit of the church. It pays for pastors and buildings and programs for people who largely know and hear the Gospel. And very, very little goes towards people who have never heard of Jesus.

In fact, for every $100,000 that Christians give to the church, $1 goes to the unreached.*

Statistics, especially good ones, are our friends. They show us where our priorities are. They are like a mirror being held up to our faces so we can see what we look like.  My point in sharing these statistics is not to be critical. It’s not to say that even some of the things we’ve spent money on aren’t good.

But friends, we can do better.

If we’re going to do better, it will require all of us to say no to some of the “good” things in order to say yes to better things. It will require we take a hard look at family budgets and church budgets and say “What does this line item in the budget say about our priorities?”

What good things are you committed to? Your building? Your pastoral staff? Your worship experience? Or are you committed bringing the good news of Jesus to the ends of the Earth? As it is written “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news.

When Jesus came to the Earth, He didn’t ask for a tenth of what we had. He came and asked that we give our all to Him. This is not just a reality for individuals, but churches as well. And we have to decide if we are going to give everything to Him and let Him decide what we keep.

What would it take for giving to the unreached to move up higher in our spending priorities? What if instead of the money to the unreached being a fraction of 1% of our budget, it was 20%? What would that require you and your church to sacrifice? And would the rest of your church tolerate it? And what would everyone’s reactions say about their priorities?

We can do better. But we must change. Will you change with me?

Photo Credit: Macro Dollar by Chris Dlugosz

*Most of these statistics can be found on http://www.thetravelingteam.org/stats




Food For Thought: Simple Church Sampling

Every week here at Pursuing Glory I try to bring together the best posts I’ve found that will equip the end-times church to operate in her God-ordained destiny.  These are the best blogs, articles, books and other resources related to our purpose here at this site.  Feel free to visit, comment, and make use of the resources found at each site.

This week’s posts mostly focus on house churches (organic/simple churches).  They represent a wide assortment of people who have different perspectives, but all of them have been practicing simple, reproducible, Christ-centered meetings for years.  They’ve been my food for thought as I’ve been preparing to write a “Basic Introduction” post on house churches.  I hope you enjoy!

Simple Church and Global Missions

The prevailing thought is that simple, organic churches tend not to be very engaged in missions, especially globally.  I’ve found this incredibly inaccurate in our own experience, though I think it greatly depends on who makes up each church.  (Posted at The Assembling of the Church)

A Homeless God

Frank at Reimagining Church shares an excerpt from his book, From Eternity to Here, where he looks at the reality of Christ’s Lordship in the Church as a foundation for understanding how the Church is built.  This is must reading for every church planter.

Where is God Going in 2011?

Maurice Smith at Parousia Network Cyber Cafe shares his perspective of where God is leading those  in the organic house church movement.  This is long post, but there are some keen insights about what the future may look like.

Meeting in the Ashes

Guy Muse at The M Blog shares a true story about a church planter from Ecuador, that while true, is also a parable for those of us in the organic house church movement.

Photo Credit: Design Probes – Food for Thought by centralasian.