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Thoughts On The Death of George Tiller

Today’s installment of “Blogs I Wish I Wrote” features a post from Randy Bohlender.  Randy, better than anyone I read or know of is qualified to speak on behalf of the pro-life movement about what happened to Dr. George Tiller.  Randy is an advocate for the unborn, a practitioner of adoption, and a voice for redemption in the fight for the rights of unborn children.

It comes as no surprise then that everything that I and many other pro-lifers were subconsciously chewing on, he has articulated extremely well in his latest posts.  The death of Tiller was in no way a victory for our movement, just another opportunity for gross misunderstanding on all sides.  Randy’s post takes us beyond just the sad death of this doctor and looks at the struggle that has brought us here.  I would encourage you to read his post on the subject here and take a look at some of the follow up thoughts here.