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Minding the Gap



Sometimes doing the thing God called you to do will require you to get more uncomfortable than you’d like. It means stepping out beyond where you feel comfortable, safe, or even assured everything will work out okay.

It probably won’t.

Think about it. The Holy Spirit can meet you in an Acts 2 moment. You still have to step outside of your upper room and address the people who are making fun of you for being drunk.

You may be called to pray for the sick and see healings. But you still have to lay your hands on people and pray for them to recover.  You still have to confront the awkward moment between when you finish praying and you have to turn and ask the sick person if they feel any difference in their body.

See, it’s all about the gap.

No matter what God has called you to, there is always a gap between what is and what we’re called to accomplish.  You can hear God clearly, but you’ll still have to face the gap. The gap can hurt people. The gap can be costly.  The gap is scary. You can believe what God said, but you still have to stare the gap down.

It’s those people, the people who see the gap and run with all of their might towards it, trying to jump the ravine, those people who know the odds but fling themselves at the obstacle anyways that we call people of faith.

This is the thing that separates those who are afraid from those who breakthrough–those who break through face the gap and still make the leap. They aren’t less scared. They just still jump. What has God called you to? What is the gap? What’s the scary, crazy unknown that is keeping you from doing what God is saying?

Perhaps it’s time, instead of ignoring the gap, that we face it head on.

Photo Credit: MIND THE GAP by Christopher_brown

Two Questions That End Confusion

This past weekend I journeyed out to the Midwest Prayer Center to attend a worship gathering that was
led by Rick Pino. After the time of worship they had a speaker named Rex Crain who I had never heard
before this weekend. He had a tremendous ability to provoke people into their callings (and do a very
corporate version of what I’ve been talking about in my “On Sonship” series).

I found something he did really simple and helpful for clarifying identity and helping people move
forward in their calling. He gave everyone two sentences to fill in the blanks for themselves. Once
you answer these two questions, a lot of other questions become much easier. I’m going to post both
sentences, but here’s the challenge: Answer them in the comment section. You’ll be helped by having
written down a clarifying statement on identity and purpose and I would love to know who is reading
and where the people who are reading are going. Here are the two questions:

My name is __________________.

My life is about ____________________________________________________________________.

Now, some of you may not know the answer to the question, and that’s okay. This is an exercise
designed to cause you to go back to the Father and get the answers. Obviously the first answer is just
your name. The second answer has an infinite number of possibilities.

Here’s mine: My name is Travis. My life is about recovering the essence of apostolic Christianity in my
generation. (I’ll clarify that statement at some point in the future, but it will probably look something
like this.)

Okay, now it’s your turn. Go to the comment section and leave the answer to your two questions. I’m
excited to see the answers.